English the fun way #2 – do you use filters on photos and in conversation? – social media wise and/or live

Are you on Instagram or Facebook? (same thing soon – very probably – as Facebook runs Instagram)

– do you like sharing funny pics – like your nails in details – or your cat in a hat ? – with funny filters added – to make them look even more cool?

Have a good laugh at yourself and your social media habbits in this video:


Thanks to my Facebook Network for sharing (and caring)!!

A big thank you to Dorte Lytje for sharing this video on Facebook and on her blog – via a facebook update from Pernille Melsted. Good Communication is about sharing and “sharing is caring” as they say –  both real life and on social media (often we are just better at sharing on social media platforms than in real life – one of the reasons why I love social media) …….

Good Dialogue is (also) about mastering filters

Moreover, good dialogue or good personal communication is not ONLY about words – but about so much more – also (however silly/crazy) photos (with or without filters – actually, good verbal communication is about being ever so conscious of and being able to use psychological filters the right way – and THAT is NOT ONLY, mind you, about adding filters to make you look good/better in personal dialogue… but that´s another and longer story, I will revert to in another blog post …here I can just reveal that filters are closely connected to how we interpret the meaning and intention of what other people say or do…..)

Share your opinion

Let me know what you think of the video – does it ring any bells??

and/or let me know of situations in your life, where you could have wished, you had the right filter(s) for your personal dialogue!!

and/or when you add filters to your personal dialogue? consciously or perhaps more often, subconsciously… 🙂

Happy silly, snowy Wednesday out there! (have you noticed that it´s snowing on my blog…?

PS: If you are not on Instagram (yet) – go check out this blogpost (in Danish) written by Thomas Bigum, Social Media Expert:


PPS: If you are a WIKI fan – check out the wiki story about how and why Facebook acquired Instagram in September 2012



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