Meet your dialogue detective!

Are you tired of your nearest boss or colleague? Of getting misunderstood, overheard, put on hold?

at work or by frustrated friends & family members….?


Would you like some ghost busting on why your personal dialogue is stuck in stormy weather or hit by bad wibes?

Then follow this blog, where I do some detective work and give you tips on your most recent frustrations in dialogue matters!

This blog is about personal dialogue & every day communication tips

  • how to come across clearly
  • how to build positive relationships
  • how to use the non-verbal communication signals
  • how to use the verbal ones – words/language
  • – incl. youth language, chat and other “modern stuff”

My name is Helle-Sofia Fabricius. I tell stories from everyday life that illustrate or debate a point from one of these topics. (kom klart igennem means : come across clearly)

This blog is for you, if you:

  • work with international communication or management
  • are a language teacher, blogger or  web editor/journalist
  • are running your own business within wellness & personal development

When I am not blogging, I am working with social media marketing or teaching constructive communication & languages.

(I speak English, German, French, Danish and Scandinavian plus a little Hungarian and Italian)

My field is the layers of communication

 my favourites are the “subtleties” in communication,

  • i.e. what is said and done between the lines,

  • what is “in the air”

  • AND – of course – how to deal with these subtelties

I usually publish every weekend – or at a column basis, whenever I have something to share ….

I am trained in classic marketing, social media marketing, teaching, communication, NLP, trauma & crisis counselling and occassionally work with healing.
Feel free to add your comments or questions. I also blog in English – either entirely or mixed with Danish. Stay tuned 🙂

For questions, please e-mail me at hs @

Speaking, teaching, talking

Speaking, teaching, talking

Learning German?

Check out my web about playful and fun ways to learn German:

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